Father Sky Mother Earth

A group of friends, including Niclas Gerull (bass), grew up in Rendsburg, in northern Germany. On the border of that town is Fockbeck, residence of guitarist Nico Seel, who at the end of the first decade of this millennium founded The Space Spectrum, a solo project of space psychedelic rock that later became a formal group.

Niclas found in Seel the ideal friend to talk about art, music, culture and, especially, drones. When he started studying graphic design, he was the right person to take charge of the art of The Space Spectrum albums.

It was then that both began to shape a project focused on long and meditative drones with different influences that would work without great artifice. “The nature and reality of human beings was what guided us. That and the contrast of our characters that were accommodated to form a unit, “they say. That is how Father Sky Mother Earth was born and the fact is that the “sky father” combined with the “Mother Earth” creates what lies between those poles. Continue reading “Father Sky Mother Earth”

30 years of the Daydream Nation

Daydream Nation (DGC / Geffen Records, 1988) is the most representative album of Sonic Youth, the most important free noise-rock band of the last century. Masters of feedback , distortion and critical avant-garde, faithful to their proposal since their first album ( Confusion is Sex , 1983), these four New Yorkers created an unmistakable style, derived from post-punk (Television, The Patti Smith Group, Iggy & The Stooges) as well as the music of The Velvet Underground and Neil Young in its most dense and noisy side.

With Daydream Nation -his fifth recording foray-, the quartet produced a masterpiece, a double album (single in compact) that is like a defiant bomb and always ready to explode. Through the alternation of tense guitars, anguished voices, intense rhythms, long instrumental passages of hypnotic tendency and sudden furious explosions, the fourteen compositions that give form and content to this unique work have a high range of emotional intensity. Continue reading “30 years of the Daydream Nation”

Apollo: the Precarious and the Dead

In Greek mythology, Apollo, son of Zeus, was described as the God of the Divine Distance that threatened or protected from the heavens, being identified with the light of truth and represented with the Sun. Also, from the desert of Chihuahua flows a torrent of light in the manner of a riff , in a forceful classic rock, an illumination and an electric sound – eclectic – that shows off its energy and iridescence in all the scenarios it illuminates.

It is Apolo, a rock band founded in January 2007, based on postmodernist artistic currents and influenced by the psychedelic rock of the 70s. It has recorded, in addition to an initial homonymous EP, El momento es h oy , Apologia , Desterrados , You were mine one summer , Third solar (from which “steppe Wolf”, “Siddhartha” and “Astral Journey”, themes based on the literary work of Herman Hesse) and Guardian , produced by Omar Rodríguez-López. Continue reading “Apollo: the Precarious and the Dead”

Gang Tour: to Break Monopolies

Given the fragmentation of markets that marks the course of the music industry, one of the possible strategies to face it is synergy. When some sectors of the population, pushed by opinion leaders of great ignorance, talk about the inexistence of Mexican rock, it is necessary to take hold of the resistance and turn to those places that are not the Palacio de los Deportes or the Vive Latino, the National Auditorium or the Plaza Auditorium; Yes, look at the small clubs, natural place where any group is born.

This week kicks off Gang Tour, a small tour in which Paper D Boats, USSR Under the Tree, Dandy Overdose, The Vulgar Era and Viva el Rey will visit some cities in the country to promote their work and try to expand their market. Continue reading “Gang Tour: to Break Monopolies”

Expectations: More about the Beatles

The Beatles are a serious philosophical problem, they put everything in conflict. They can not be placed as something fixed or definitive. They move. They are not a good thing altogether, nor are they anything bad. Such is its lasting importance. They make think, feel and act in many ways. They leave being post-jipi pacheco carnivore and post-punk vegan puritan.

They are a phenomenon encompassing many defining and confusing elements of the second half of the last century for Western civilization and its global effects. Culture, counterculture, subculture, culture and caricature that rhymes. They intensify and sublimate all the contradictions of the market and the spectacle. Since they are a transcendental commodity of the mass culture industry, until they are a fashion fad and a whole design image; as they are also a political event of many facets and strata of action, until they are a figure of protein revolt and always amusing as libertarian individualism. Continue reading “Expectations: More about the Beatles”

Ten Great Songs of 1958

They say that a classic song is one that lasts over the years and that no matter how many decades pass, it continues to sound as fresh and novel as when it was first made known.

Here are a dozen melodies -with no order of importance- that are celebrating their 60th anniversary and that, in our view, have passed the test of time. We hope, dear reader, that you also agree and enjoy them … even if they are much older than you.

1.- “All I Have to Do is Dream”. The Everly Brothers. Although it has been sung by countless artists, the version of the Everly brothers is undoubtedly the best known and most endearing. Sweet ballad of jangle pop, was composed by Boudleaux Bryant and remains as a milestone of the American popular song after six decades. Continue reading “Ten Great Songs of 1958”

Black Goat, Something More Than a Heavy Group

Ramón and Fausto Arellano (guitars) and Abel Lizárraga (drums) met in Sinaloa, where they even shared some groups, but the need to find new musical and work spaces led them to Guadalajara.

It was in 2016 when the three gave form to Chivo Negro, name, says Faust, “full of references: refers to scenarios where the god Pan was worshiped in the midst of nature, Baphomet or the pentagram used in darker practices. We believe that it represents the atmosphere we seek to create and the images we want to use. ” Continue reading “Black Goat, Something More Than a Heavy Group”

Who is Lázaro Cristóbal Comala?

“Under La Concordia I got sleepy and I fell asleep / I was awakened by a cock singing qui-qui-ri-qui”, intones Lazaro Cristóbal Comala. It’s 9:10 in Des Moines, Iowa. A wooden hut that other men built under the orders of a contemporary foreman protects us. Men of different nationalities: Mexicans, Peruvians, Venezuelans. Males, all sad, thinking of the fist of earth that they keep in the saddlebag of their pants; small grains collected from their plot, there, in the town where they were born and where they left everything. That’s what folk talk about and that’s what Lázaro Cristóbal Comala speaks about. I listen to it while my son sleeps, the little one is sick and his fragility is a tear in the heart: “Open your little eyes my soul / I’m already here”. Continue reading “Who is Lázaro Cristóbal Comala?”

12 Popular Baroque Works

Within what is vulgarly and incorrectly known as “classical music”, one of the richest and most impressive periods is that of the European Baroque, which we can situate with some arbitrariness between 1600 and 1750, that is, between the emergence of the opera with Claudio Monteverdi and the death of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Several of the most significant works of Baroque music have achieved great popularity over time and have managed to reach the taste of people who do not usually go to the concert halls. Here are a dozen of those well-known pieces. Continue reading “12 Popular Baroque Works”

Alberto and Edgardo Aguilar

Talking about Mexican music is often like talking about Mexican food. It is certainly well known in the world, but there is food to food … and music to music. If we refer to Mexican haute cuisine and we want to compare it with the highest quality music that is made in our country, then jazz is the best equivalent to gourmet taste .

Jazz is a high-risk sport in Mexico. Despite being one of the genres best valued by specialists, it is also one of the most uncovered. No matter if it is performed by great virtuosos or written by inspired composers who want to break with the established structures to create a high level music, jazz receives little support and a minimum diffusion in a country that presumes itself as musical. Continue reading “Alberto and Edgardo Aguilar”